Specialized Mission Types

There are nearly 300 Bombardier Specialized aircraft in service worldwide with government agencies in a full range of specialized mission applications.


Government agencies and military commanders around the globe rely on Bombardier’s proven C4ISR platforms for:

  • High-altitude surveillance and domain awareness
  • Maritime patrol
  • Command, control and communications
  • Tactical and strategic reconnaissance
  • Applicable Platforms

Our industry-leading C4ISR platforms include the widebody Global and Challenger aircraft, the agile Learjet family and the dependable Q Series turboprops. These specialized aircraft are being used by, among others, the:

  • Royal Air Force – Global Express (ASTOR program)
  • Royal Danish Air Force – Challenger 604
  • Korean National Maritime Police Agency – Challenger 604
  • United States Air Force – Global 6000 E-11A (Battlefield Airborne Communications Node BACN program)


Maritime Patrol & Search and Rescue

Government organizations around the world consistently turn to Bombardier platforms to meet their unique requirements. The flexibility, endurance, range and payload of our aircraft make them highly suitable for marine patrol and search and rescue. Government agencies that have trusted Bombardier aircraft with the task of maritime patrol include:

  • Coast Watch (Australia) – Q200 and Q300 Series
  • Swedish Coast Guard – Q300 Series
  • Japan Coast Guard – Q300 Series
  • Canadian Coast Guard – Q100 and Q200 Series
  • United States Department of Homeland Security – Q200
  • Iceland Coast Guard – Q300 Series


Executive Transport & Logistics Support

Bombardier’s specialized aircraft offer superior comfort and performance, including exceptional speed and range, for:

  • VIP transport
  • Multi-mission requirements
  • High-priority cargo

Our mission-ready solutions can be equipped with secure voice communications, SATCOM and military-specific navigational systems. For advanced security, some government and commercial operators add IR missile counter-measures systems. These include:

  • German Luftwaffe – Global 5000
  • Royal Australian Air Force – Challenger 604
  • Canadian Air Force – Challenger 601 and 604
  • United States Air Force – Learjet 35
  • Irish Air Corp - Learjet 45


Flight Inspection

Testing of navigational aids and landing systems is essential to ensuring a safe airspace system. Government agencies around the globe rely on our aircraft to verify that this equipment is functioning properly, including:

  • FAA – Learjet 60, Challenger 604 and 601
  • Japan Civil Aviation Bureau – Global Express, Q300
  • Government of Malaysia – Learjet 60
  • Nav Canada – Challenger 601 and Q100


Aircrew Training

Commercial and military operators worldwide have selected Bombardier platforms to train their aircrew. From pilots and flight engineers to navigators and mission system specialists, Bombardier aircraft provide the stability, robustness and flexibility to get the job done.

Customers currently using Bombardier aircraft as training platforms include:

  • United States Air Force – Learjet 35
  • Singapore Airlines – Learjet 45
  • Royal Canadian Air Force – Dash 8-100


When lives are at stake, Bombardier platforms are called upon to transport patients to and from medical facilities. Specially modified aircraft provide doctors and nurses with everything they need to ensure patients arrive safely and, if need be, perform emergency treatment, including surgery, en route.

Customers who rely on Bombardier aircraft for their medevac needs include:

  • Quebec Government – Challenger 601
  • REGA Air Swiss Ambulance – Challenger 604
  • Irish Air Corp - Learjet 45XR
  • Canadian Global Air Ambulance - Learjet 35A
  • Saudi Armed Forces Medical Services - Learjet 35

Flight Test - R&D

Our aircraft provide a stable and reliable platform for carrying out airborne research and development as well as sub-system tests and evaluations.

The Bombardier Global, Challenger and Learjet aircraft offer excellent range, manoeuvrability and cabin space, making them ideal for diverse test and evaluation missions.