Specialized Mission Equipment

Special missions require special equipment.

At Bombardier, we have the knowledge and expertise to integrate and install the most complex systems on our aircraft to meet our customers’ specialized needs. This includes the latest radar, forward-looking infrared (FLIR), counter-measures and secure communication systems.

We work with the world’s leading providers of special mission equipment to develop fully integrated packages that meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Internal modifications

Each cabin interior is specifically designed to maximize efficiency.

Customized operator consoles and equipment racks can be installed to ensure the most efficient use of space and the most ergonomic configurations.

External modifications

Working closely with our partners, we design specialized modifications that maximize the effectiveness of mission equipment, while minimizing the impact on flight performance.

Other equipment

There are specific Bombardier platforms that offer options not normally found on other commercial aircraft, including:

  • Air-operable door
  • Observation windows
  • Drop hatch
  • Launch tubes
  • Emergency equipment