Customer Services

On-going Dedicated Customer Support

At Bombardier Amphibious Aircraft, we’ve provided our customers the best tools for their firefighting, transport and maritime activities for decades. So, we understand their demanding operational environments. That’s why we believe that customer support − training, maintenance and operations − must be a 24/7, on-demand worldwide service.

Our highly responsive Customer Support teams in Canada and Europe are backed by Bombardier Aerospace's global experience and resources. Together, we customize our support services and programs to ensure the sustained cost-effective performance of our customers’ amphibious aircraft.

Reliable Aircraft Operation and Maintenance

Since 1969, Bombardier has acquired unique expertise operating civilian and military fleets in the Americas, Europe and Asia. This expertise equips us to cost-effectively maintain our customers’ Bombardier 415 and CL-215 amphibian fleets. 

With a long-term maintenance agreement, our customers avoid the expense and responsibility of supporting and managing permanent infrastructures, equipment and personnel.

A short-term training and maintenance agreement ensures that the customer’s aircraft fleet is fully operational upon delivery. It also gives them the time to acquire the expertise and personnel to operate and maintain their fleet. A gradual transfer of responsibilities over the first two to three years guarantees a smooth transition to their organization.